Summer Policy Institute 2016

I was one of the selected attendees for the Summer Policy Institute 2016 hosted by the Oklahoma Policy Institute.  The week was such an amazing time and I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful, compassionate, smart and driven people.

Policy in Oklahoma needs to undergo some serious changes and it is up us The People to make our voices heard and work on making the necessary changes that must be made in Oklahoma.

At this conference we talked about state issues such as; Medicaid Expansion, Education, Criminal Injustice, Budget and Finances, Tribal Concerns, Policy Making in Oklahoma, Gender, Environment, Food Insecurity and Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

If you are interested in staying connected with the hot topic issues such as SQ 777 and Education Budget Cuts, click on the link above and subscribe to the Oklahoma Policy Institute newsletter, stay up to date on top political issues and educate yourself and others about important bills that are coming up on our ballots this November.

Remember, our voices do count and the more we are heard the more we can get accomplished.

If you are not registered to vote yet, you still have time to register before the November election.  Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have the online registration but you can find out more information here on how to get registered.

How do you plan to make a difference?



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